Wireless / Cell Services

LightWave performs various types of installation and testing services for our wireless customers. Below are some examples of our practices.

Turnkey New Build Cell Sites

  • Installation of Infinity M +24VDC and/or -48VDC applications
  • Battery String installation/testing
  • Installation of Raycaps, BBU's, Enode B frames, Alarming, Fiber installation/testing, Grounding
  • PPC Certified

Battery Replacement on Active Sites

  • Installation of +24VDC and/or -48VDC Battery Strings
  • East Penn, C&D, NorthStar, etc... Battery testing, removal and disposal of old battery strings
  • Preventative Maintenance

DC Power Plant Replacements on Active Sites

  • Replacing/removing old DC plant systems
  • Transitioning of all DC powered equipment to new DC plant systems
  • Grounding certificates
  • Installation of new Equipment on active sites

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